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Thanks to our Followers
We would like to thank all of our clients (companies and professionals) who continue putting their trust in the Ziggurat team for their English training. We would also like to than... [+info]
Sorteo 5 cursos de 8 clases telefónicas
29/07/2010 NOVEDADES
Ziggurat ha sorteado cinco cursos de inglés de 8 clases telefónicas entre todos aquellos alumnos que contestaron la encuesta online enviada desde principios de junio.... [+info]
Vacaciones en inglés
28/07/2010 NOVEDADES
En estos últimos meses, casi todos hablamos de las vacaciones y pensamos en qué ciudad o país podríamos emplear esos días que tanto anhelamos dur... [+info]
Interview with Ziggurat Teacher: CRIS ROSA
Cris Rosa was born in New York and from a very young age she was enthralled with music. During her childhood and adolescence, Cris devoted most of her free time to learning to sing... [+info]
Interview with Ziggurat Teacher: CRIS ROSA
Are you planning a trip?
Now that the summer holidays are here, maybe you are planning a trip. If you are interested in knowing more about your destination (English-speaking countries or other regions of t... [+info]