Thursday the 27th of June, 2019
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Kevin Connor's Suggestions!


Listening made easy
One of the most difficult things about English is listening. Many students have problems in understanding native speakers when they talk. It’s an excellent idea to listen to English-speakers as often as possible. One good idea is to listen to English every day (often difficult with our busy timetables). But here is a website with short listenings (about 4 minutes) for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with a video option. A great way to feel more confident when listening to native speakers. Remember, you don’t need an MP3 player to listen to podcasts. You can listen online.

Words don’t come easy...
...said the lyrics of a song from the 1980s. It’s true, there are lots of words in English. How can we learn them all? A very good idea is to create a word bank. A word bank is a list of vocabulary in groups, for example, CLOTHES: trousers, T-shirt, suit, top...etc. A very good way of learning vocabulary. Also you should review new words after two hours, then two days, then two weeks, then two months. Before the next edition of ZigNews, words will come easy to you...