Monday the 17th of June, 2019
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Bangkok, London, Les Corts
Did you ever think of this combination? Is it possible? Yes, it is now. Just around the corner from Ziggurat, there is an incredibly peaceful street with London-style houses. And with a garden on this street is Bangkok Cafe, a new restaurant serving delicious Thai food.

The menu has over 40 dishes and offers a magical mix of meats, fish, spices, herbs and fruits. And unlike most Thai restaurants, you don’t need a bank loan to eat here. A full three-course meal costs around twenty euros. Now that’s cheaper than going to Bangkok, isn’t it?

Blooming business
Take a highly-experienced Catalan florist and a budding young entrepreneur from Oxford and you have Aflorita, a recently-created floral art company.

Aflorita specialises in stunning, innovative floral creations for superyachts, hotels and corporate clients, and can also make your wedding day one you will never forget. Two intrepid businesswomen with an aim: to grow and grow in the world of floral creation.