Monday the 17th of June, 2019
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Innovative English Training

Business English Communication skills for Presenting, Meetings & Negotiating

By Andrew Warner (Ziggurat Teacher)

The Ziggurat business communication workshops have been developed for executives who want to build upon their English skills for a range of business communication situations.

What is a workshop?
A workshop is more than an English teacher presenting language for business English situations. Essentially, the workshops are a series of language-building activities in which participants explore, practise and use language for different stages of presentations, meetings or negotiations. The activities include listening inputs and interactive language games. Over the course, participants build these activities into “real life” business English language skills, and practise these during simulated business role-plays.

What are the key features of each workshop?
All the workshops share some common features.
• Normally 12 hours over 3 days, supported by out-of-class “reflection and preparation” activities
• Focus on communication – not grammar
• Preparation for business communication in English
• Focus on listening skills and key aspects of spoken English
• Simulated business role plays
• Extensive feedback, with video assessment
• Life-long language learning skills

Who should attend?
You do not need a high level of English to benefit from these workshops; the courses are designed for lower-intermediate level speakers of English and above.
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