Thursday the 20th of June, 2019
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Liverpool – city of superlatives

Liverpool is home to the most famous pop group ever (the Beatles) and the most successful football team in the UK (Liverpool F.C.). There are the most museums and art galleries (25) and listed buildings (over 2,500) of any British city, except for London. Its Anglican Cathedral (there is also a Catholic one) is the fifth largest in the world…

Liverpool really is a ‘must-see’ destination, especially as this year it is the European City of Culture. There are hundreds of events planned throughout the entire year. It is a diverse, energetic and exciting city on the River Mersey in the northwest of England.

And one final superlative: Liverpool inhabitants are called Scousers, adapted from the name of a regional dish. They are possibly the friendliest, funniest and most welcoming people you will find in the UK. (Trust me, I lived there for four years!)