Thursday the 27th of June, 2019
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Keep your English fresh in the summer

by Matthew T. Ray

As we finish another successful academic year at Ziggurat, I want to take this opportunity to remind you of the importance of staying in contact with English in the summer. It doesn’t have to be a lot of contact, just a little every day (or almost every day). It can be television or films in original version, videos or podcasts (MP3 sound files) from internet, reading (online or offline), listening (online or offline), reading aloud to improve your pronunciation, travelling to an English-speaking country, etc. If you’re lucky, maybe you can even find yourself an English-speaking lover. ;-)

Whatever you do, choose something easy…something that you will actually do, and something that is fun (or at least not boring).

For some suggestions, please see the free documents that we have provided in the “Resources” section on our website (

• Recommended Novels
• Summer suggestions
• Online recommendations
• Sugerencias pedagógicas
• Etc.

One of our teachers once told me how he motivates himself to jog (hacer footing), even when he doesn’t feel like it. He uses a mental trick; he doesn’t decide to go jogging, he decides to put on his trainers and go to the beach “to see what happens”. He always ends up arriving at the beach and deciding to run; but only because he doesn’t oblige himself to run… he leaves jogging open as an option.

This summer, try picking up an English novel and sitting on a comfortable chair on the terrace to see what happens. Maybe you’ll actually start reading it. Or connect to and see what happens. Maybe you’ll end up watching one of the hundreds of interesting 20-minute presentations in English (with subtitles). Or try, which might also inspire you to watch a video in English. Or perhaps you can download a podcast in English to your MP3 player and see what happens. Maybe you’ll actually listen to it.

Beginning is the most challenging step. Going to the beach is much easier than going for a run, but the former can lead to the latter. Try finding activities that will lead you to actually do something with your English this summer.

Have fun. I’ll see you in September.