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Tuesday the 26th of March, 2013
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Good morning!

Yesterday we explained some typical Easter symbols. Today we are going to explain an expression with the word egg in it.

Today's expression is: to put all (of) your eggs in one basket

It means: to make all of your resources dependent on one thing. Unfortunately, if the outcome (result) is bad, you will lose everything.

Example 1:
Phillip: I'm going to bet 500 dollars on the Kentucky horse.
Mark: Are you crazy? Why would you put all your eggs in one basket? Why don't you divide the money between two or three horses?
Phillip: No. I'm pretty sure that my chosen horse will win.

Example 2:
Sylvia put all her eggs in one basket when she decided to invest her inheritance money in the stock market. Unfortunately, she lost it all when the stock market crashed.

As you can see, people will usually recommend that you don't put all of your eggs in one basket in case the basket "drops" (figuratively speaking)!

Have a nice day!