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Tuesday the 08th of May, 2018
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Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you're enjoying your week. 

This week we are looking at some of the many ways we use the Present Perfect. Today we are looking at using this tense for ACCOMPLISHMENTS

We use the Present Perfect to talk about accomplishments of individual people or accomplishments of humanity

Example 1: Our daughter has graduated with honours. 

Example 2: His mom has learned to walk again after suffering a terrible accident. 

Example 3: Scientists have discovered a new cure for an aggressive cancer. 

Example 4: Doctors have found a new way to treat mental illness. 

Example 5: The organization has convinced the government to change laws to protect the environment. 

Note that we do not use this with time expressions. We do not know specifically when these things happened; we only know that they happened in the past. We assume that these accomplishments happened in the recent past, but we cannot be sure. 

What are some accomplishments of humanity that you can think of? Or perhaps some of your accomplishments. Tell us on our Facebook or Twitter pages and, of course, use the Present Perfect to express these accomplishments. 



That concludes today's lesson. Thank you for reading!