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Wednesday the 16th of May, 2018
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Welcome to day three of our week about Useful Acronyms

Remember that an acronym is a word (NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization) or an "initialism" (AKA = Also known as) made from the first letters of other words. Another example is LOL, an initialism used when we text; it means "Laughing/laugh Out Loud" or "Lots of laughs."

Today we are looking at the acronym BTW

Definition: By The Way

Some people actually say the letters B-T-W in colloquial conversation (not just in emails and texts), instead of "by the way."

Example 1: BTW, I ordered some things on Amazon, so we will probably get a delivery this afternoon. 

Example 2: I invited your parents to dinner, BTW

This is commonly used when texting. 

That's all for today's lesson. Tomorrow we will look at the acronym IMHO. See you then!