Tuesday the 23rd of July, 2019
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Wednesday the 20th of February, 2019
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Welcome back, everyone! This week we are focusing on BULATS READING from PART 1, SECTION 2. This is basically a multiple-choice question where you select a word or phrase to complete a sentence. 

Here is your sentence for today. 

Sentence: I suggest you _____ your luggage and not bring it onto the plane.
A. checking
B. check
C. have check 
D. have checked 

Do you know the correct answer? Give us your answer on one of our social media sites (Facebook or Twitter) and we will post the correct answer later.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZigguratLanguageServices

Twitter: https://twitter.com/englishdaily

We will also include the correct answer in tomorrow's Daily Vitamin email.

Good luck!