Saturday the 20th of July, 2019
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El vostre aprenentatge, el nostre èxit

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Friday the 08th of March, 2019
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Happy Friday, everyone!

Today is our last day of this week's theme, Idioms Through Songs. Today we are looking at Justin Bieber’s "Sorry" and the idiom A SHOT AT (SOMETHING)

Lyrics: I just need one more shot at forgiveness.

Definition: A try or attempt. 

Example 1: I need one more shot at trying to get them to buy the house. I know I can make the sale. 

Example 2: Let's take one more shot at fixing the car. If this doesn't work, we can try another plan. 

You can listen to the song at the following link, and you will find the lyrics below the video:

That's all for this week. We hope you enjoyed learning new idioms through songs. Have a great weekend!