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Vacaciones en inglés
28/07/2010 NEWS
En estos últimos meses, casi todos hablamos de las vacaciones y pensamos en qué ciudad o país podríamos emplear esos días que tanto anhelamos dur... [+info]
Interview with Ziggurat Teacher: CRIS ROSA
Cris Rosa was born in New York and from a very young age she was enthralled with music. During her childhood and adolescence, Cris devoted most of her free time to learning to sing... [+info]
Interview with Ziggurat Teacher: CRIS ROSA
Are you planning a trip?
Now that the summer holidays are here, maybe you are planning a trip. If you are interested in knowing more about your destination (English-speaking countries or other regions of t... [+info]
Reading magazines II
Today we have sent the last Daily Vitamin until after the summer holidays; but if you want to stay in contact with English during your break, remember that you have access to dozen... [+info]
Inglés sin victimismo ni complejos
El domingo pasado la selección española ganó el mundial de fútbol sin victimismo ni complejos. El equipo salió unido con un claro objetiv... [+info]
Inglés sin victimismo ni complejos