Thursday the 27th of June, 2019
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Reading about the World Cup match in English
This week we continue with our list of online resources, but before we start we’d like to review what English magazines have to say about the Spanish victory in the World Cup... [+info]
Reading about the World Cup match in English
Reading Magazines
As we had mentioned before, this week we provide you with a list of Internet sites where you can read information and news, while practicing and improving your English. In an at... [+info]
What is happening in the world?
If you’re eager to expand your vocabulary and become familiar with English expressions, but you don’t have the time to read a novel or you’re just not keen on the... [+info]
Ganadores concurso literario
29/06/2010 NEWS
Ya tenemos ganadores del Concurso de Relatos Breves que iniciamos el 23 de abril, con motivo de la celebración del día de Sant Jordi. 1r PREMIOEl ganador del Prime... [+info]
¿Te roba energía tomar decisiones?
En los últimos años frases como “no tengo tiempo”, “estoy abrumado con las tareas cotidianas” o “no llego a todo”, son constantes ... [+info]